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GRUPO TECOPY is a Spanish corporate group active in over 20 countries in Europe America and Africa, specializing in innovative engineering, technology and training solutions.
With over 30 years' experience, GRUPO TECOPY distinguishes itself in the application of new technology for all disciplines and in fostering an active R&D&I and technological innovation policy, a strategy that allows our clients to differentiate themselves in the market and stay at the cutting edge.



We provide sustainable and innovative solutions


We are Corporate Consulting leaders in Training and Development


We integrate thematic knowledge in multiple disciplines relating to the territorial management to offer solutions and services that are within reach for everyone


Coaque Project

Irrigation, water for human consumption, generation of hydroelectric energy and other uses for the nuclei of the COAQUE RIVER environment.

M-30 Mapping

This project contracted by Madrid City Council consists of acquiring 200 kilometres of tunnels of the M30 using Mobile Mapping technology.

Satcen Citymaps

Delineation/Digitalization of communication routes at street/transport level with street names and addresses of the roads in ANDORRA and Tunisia at scale of 1/5000.

Latest news

The project is aimed at adapting the Tecopy Group FINANCE Department to the new technology needs by increasing their efficacy and efficiency. The company’s growth ...
The goals sought by implementing the EPSILON-HR human resources management tool are the following: To equip the organization with a human resources management tool that ...
COTESTA visited the Marine Hydrographic Institute in Cadiz on 15th November. This visit is part of the strategy to expand services aimed at safety and ...
Gas Natural has entrusted Tecopy Tecnologías with the monitoring of power lines analysing safety distances, impacts and change maps via LiDAR-photogrammetry helicopter flights. To do ...
Tecopy Group has finalized two major supply and irrigation projects in Ecuador which will make it possible to bring drinking water to one of the ...
The City of Alcorcón Local Government Board has approved the awarding of the consulting and technical assistance contract for the revision of the Alcorcón General ...
The Spanish Directorate General for Roads of the Ministry of Public Works has awarded Tecopy Ingeniería the contract to draft the “Layout and Construction Project. ...
Cotesa, the Tecopy Group applied technology company, was awarded a contract from Xunta de Galicia regional government through the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN) for land ...